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Карамельный Медовик - 59 грн

Caramel Medovik - 59 UAH News

2 October 2018
We invite you to enjoy a dessert Caramel Medovik - 59 UAH only until 31.10.2018 Delicate honey cakes, impregnated with aerial creamy mousse, with layers of salty caramel and walnuts, served with almond flakes, 215 g The discount on the discount c...
Аппетитные цены для вечерних встреч!

Appetizing prices for evening meetings! News

2 October 2018
Delicious dinner with appetizing prices from Sunday to Thursday after 16:00! Only until 31.10.2018! Medallions of veal Bridge - 169 UAH Juicy medallions of veal, cooked on a grill, served with Balsamico sauce, grilled apples, onions and grapes, ...
Радуем деток!

Gifts for children! News

15 January 2018
Рестораны Confetti – это не просто рестораны счастливых людей, но и рестораны счастливых семей! Для наших взрослых Гостей мы создаем много интересных предложений, самое время порадовать и самых маленьких Гостей!  С 15.01.2018 ...
Кофейный безлимит! Только для Девушек!

Coffee unlimited! Only for Girls! News

2 October 2018
Only for girls! Coffee unlimited with the purchase of 2 desserts from 15:00 to 18:00! Only until 31.10.2018! In no-limit participate: espresso, americano, cappuccino. The promotion does not apply for coffee to go!...
При покупке Фраголино - 2 десерта в подарок!

When buying Fragolino - 2 desserts as a gift! News

2 October 2018
Buying a bottle of Italian sparkling wine Fragolino (peach / strawberry / raspberry) - 2 any desserts as a gift! Only until 31.10.2018! Fragolino Bianco (peach) / Rosato (raspberry) / Rosso (strawberry), sweet, Italy, 750 ml - 299 UAH...
20% скидки на заказ с собой!

20% discount for booking with you! News

Do you want to treat yourself to a delicious? Be ordered with you! There is no desire to cook? Be ordered with you! Wedding Crashers? Be ordered with you! Going to visit? Be ordered with you! 20% discount for bo...
Отпраздновать День Рождения со скидкой 25% в Confetti

The Birthday Confetti! 25% discount as a gift! News

We are always pleased when birthday, wedding, baptism of your children, you are celebrating with us! We always welcome to join in the congratulations of your relatives and give you a 25% discount on the entire bill! Want to get a 25% discount i...
Где провести банкет в Днепропетровске - Confetti

Where to hold a banquet in Dnepropetrovsk - Confetti News

The reason for a collective approach to the restaurant can serve as a holiday, anniversary or even a simple desire to rally the team. When choosing a location where noted banquet in Dnepropetrovsk, should take into account several criteria: • c...

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