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Confetti - this coffee restaurants democratic type. Confetti main purpose is to imbue the lives of our guests and European culture servisa. My announce a competition for the following positions:



Requirements: Experience in this area of the floor of the year - is required; Education: High school - special, incomplete higher education, higher education (specialized education would be an advantage) Knowledge of PC; Courtesy, kindness, responsibility; Desire and ability to work in a team and the result; Focusing on personal and professional development.


In our happy team we need a talented waiter, who will have sacred duties on his shoulders, give happiness and love to our guests. Our waiter can be you if: - I worked as a waiter for 1 year; - You have a higher or a secondary special education; "You love people; - Emotional, positive, sympathetic, you know how to have people and persuade people.

Regarding employment, please contact:

Natalia, email: Tel: 067-570-03-83


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