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About Confetti

Confetti is a cozy “piece of Europe” in a noisy city where everyone can have a rest drinking a cup of flavored coffee in a warm atmosphere.

Confetti restaurant is a place for those who are going either to meet someone or spend some time alone. Here you can have a meeting with your friends, an appointment with your partners, here you can dream, fall in love, know the latest news, share something intimate and just relax at the end of a working day.

Our main purpose is to bring European culture and service into our guests’ lives. We are trying to accept the best traditions of European culture in everything: interior details, decor items, tableware features, staff hospitality, dish and cocktail serving. We offer our guests to join good European traditions: Breakfasts, Business Lunches, following wine etiquette, coffee and tea traditions

Beware! Healthy trend in Confetti!

Hi! Today is a good day. And you have no reason to doubt it.

Because this day is done you!

You just hang out with nice people.

You only listen to good music.

You eat only healthy food.

And all this - here in the restaurant Confetti!

Forget about problems. Is good in everything. Make sure that the useful can be delicious.

All that we have done for this - we reviewed all the stages of preparation of our meals, eliminating anything that might affect your mood and health.

We have almost completely abandoned the use of fats by heat treatment, exclude deep-fried. Every day we prepare the homemade pasta from durum wheat. We cook for yourself, natural, useful fruit drinks and fruit drinks made from fresh berries. Cream and vanilla flavored we prepare homemade ice cream.


We suggest you follow the utility of our products, following specially marked. Now you can easily find in our menu:

- Serves light and healthy for the body. They are rich in vitamins and fiber.

- Food for active people and those who are involved in sports. They contain large amounts of protein that will give you strength and energy.


It's insanely delicious! It is very useful! We have a lot of secrets. And each of them we will reveal to you.

We love life and be glad you joined us.

Eat only healthy food.

Look only to good music.

Talk only nice to you people.

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